Keith, in doing work at our house, is sensitive to and aware of our values, esthetics, lifestyle and financial condition. He has made it his business to get to know me and my wife as people, not just customers, and works accordingly. He has been kind, thoughtful and generous. We appreciate him and his company.

Barry Silverman Berkeley, CA

I have had several positive personal experiences with the company. Alward Construction has assembled an expert crew of craftsmen and supervisors and Keith Alward has engaged highly competent subcontractors and designers where necessary. The company has developed an impressively high quality of organization, and its policies have enabled it to train and retain outstanding, experienced senior employees and on-site supervisors.

Frederick F. Balderston Oakland, CA

Living in Bernard Maybeck's landmarked home requires sensitive attention to its proper upkeep ...Keith's workmen bring a high level of experience and conscientiousness to their work. This is why we have always turned to Keith Alward whenever any repair is required. We would never let anybody else touch it.

Jonas and Marilyn Langer Berkeley, CA

Keith is the consummate builder. Not only does he have a first-rate highly skilled professional staff, but he has honed the unique skills of a therapist and a diplomat. These are invariably called upon given the challenges that arise during construction projects. Keith coordinated a large remodel and addition to my house, as well as taking on a variety of smaller projects. He and his staff did exemplary work. He's also erudite, charming, and a true gentleman.

Sandra Curtis Berkeley, CA

Over the years, I have had a lot of experience remodeling homes. While it is never a pleasant experience, Keith's crew are more professional, agreeable and talented than the personnel of any other contractor in my experience. The quality of workmanship was superb, and where issues arose, they resolved them quickly. Keith Alward is committed to satisfying the needs of his clients, and his commitment has permeated his organization.

Finally Keith is entirely trustworthy. Any professional, experienced contractor will make money on a job. As a consequence, working to a fixed bid limits the cost of a project, but does not in any way guarantee quality. My solution to this dilemma is to work with a contractor I trust on a time and materials basis. I am comfortable with this approach with Alward Construction.

Robert S. Smith Berkeley, CA

We had a small 1000 square foot house with 2 bedrooms and a bath plus a basement bath only accessible from the outside. Our architect designed a plan to develop the basement with a master bedroom and bath. Keith did not want to provide a bid for the work. When the three other bids came in they were all too high. I felt more comfortable with Keith. I persuaded him (Keith) to 'just take a quick look up in our attic' (only access was through a trap door in our closet.) Keith took a look and shouted, 'Call your architect right now. Abandon the other plans. We should definitely pursue an addition to the attic.' Keith had a brilliant but scary plan of starting construction in November, building a tent over the whole structure and working on the basement and attic first and main floor last. They entered the attic from a temporary exterior stairway. We lived in the house the whole time and the whole process was complete within 4 months and within our budget. If we were to do another project, I wouldn't hesitate to call Keith.

Jack Carpenter Oakland, CA

Remodeling puts your life in chaos. We thought we were prepared for the renovation, but once the roof was off the house and we could see the sky above, we realized how much we had undertaken. Alward minimized the pain and maximized the pleasure of the end result. People talk all the time about contractor nightmares. We had just the opposite experience. The lead carpenter, Manuel and his brother Mario, were at our house every day and we felt happy to see them. They arrived on time, worked quietly and carefully, and left the place clean and livable. They seemed to understand that they were coming into our home, and they respected what that meant to us.

Alward was recommended to us by a local craftsman who had done good work for us in the past. When we met Keith, we liked his approach and his personality. He was low key but very enthusiastic about the project and he offered a variety of ideas during the first meeting. We definitely made the right choice and would recommend him to anyone, for any job.

Vicki and Jim Decker Oakland, CA

Keith (ALWARD CONSTRUCTION) has been our contractor on two large remodel projects and numerous small jobs...We've also gotten to know him personally. His company is more than a contracting company that does excellent work. There are probably lots of good contractors who do excellent work for a fair price. But his company is an exceptional problem-solving company. They come up with unique solutions to all kinds of problems. There's really a deep intelligence embedded in the culture of the company, along with a willingness to tackle just about any construction problem.

Debbie O'Hare-Sanderson Oakland, CA

Speaking for Mary as well as myself, I want to take a moment to thank you in a more formal way for the fine renovation and remodeling you did for us.

As you know, you were recommended by a very trustworthy source, so I went into our project anticipating good things. I was told you were a top-notch contractor, who was worth paying a bit more for. The first piece of information proved correct, but if the second is true, all I can say is that we're still waiting to pay more, because it never happened! When we look over all the work that was done, including a number of items that were added after the budget was developed, we cannot help but think that we came out ahead of the game financially. You stayed squarely within our projected budget, showing concern all along for giving us the best possible product without straining our resources. Like most people, we have very definite budget limitations, so we sincerely appreciate your efforts in this regard.

We were delighted with the work ethic and professionalism of our master carpenter and foreman, Agustin Velazquez. It is no exaggeration that, when we heard Agustin arrive each morning at 7:00 A.M., we felt happy because we knew good things were going to happen to us that day ...finally, you get strokes too. In addition to using excellent subcontractors and recommending a fine architect, you were attentive whenever a problem did arise, you listened carefully to what we had to say and made it clear that we, as your customers were your primary concern.

Now we have exactly the home we had envisioned, and it's even better than we imagined! Many thanks.

Andy and Mary Heinze Oakland, CA